At PE, architects, engineers, project managers and specialists work to identify opportunities, create visions and handle challenges – all to ensure that our customers can realise a sustainable overall solution. What drives PE forward is a willingness to renew and improve. This drive and commitment not only attracts customers but also the best employees.

PE is a multi-disciplinary consultancy group within urban planning and industry that was founded in 2006. Since then we have grown to more than 1,000 employees in 35 locations around Sweden – and we are continuing to grow at a fast pace. 

Our business concept
PE is driven by committed employees who create value – not just for our customers but for society as a whole. This means that we provide qualified consultancy services and solutions within architecture, installations, building & construction and industry & energy. All of this provides a benefit to the community and improves people’s everyday lives.

Our vision – we are renewing our industry
PE was founded with the vision of creating a company, which would renew the industry through entrepreneurship and individual influence. Even today our ambition is to continually challenge conventions in order to find new and better ways of doing things.

A new method of working
Ever since the start, a strong belief in entrepreneurship and in the personal drive of every employee has been the basis for our corporate culture. With genuine commitment, the mission at hand, the customer, the end user and society, we create successful projects where the customer is not just satisfied with the end result but also with the entire project.

Adapted for a new era
Our culture makes it easier for us to collaborate between different competencies. We can easily call in a colleague from another area of expertise when needed – and this is needed more and more. Projects are getting more complex every year, both within urban planning and industry. Ever more competencies are required to solve challenges, and therefore we often let architects, engineers and project managers collaborate. All of this makes us more innovative and means that we can identify synergies and solutions that nobody else can find.

Focus on people delivers success
We currently generate sales of SEK 1.2 billion and our aim is to achieve an average annual growth of 15 percent. Behind the numbers are a number of success factors, which we continually measure.
Success depends on satisfied employees and customers and in the end on a benefit to the community that improves people’s everyday lives. Our latest employee survey showed that at PE we are more inclined to recommend our workplace to a friend or colleague than the average. We regard this as a sign that we are on the right track. 

"What drives PE forward is a willingness to renew and improve. This drive and commitment not only attracts customers but also the best employees."